Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Database Applications

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the databases applications that Rawlling is currently using in the Assembly Department. After analyzing the current situation then a proposal will be made to improve the application and the way Rawlling operates when dealing with their databases.

I work as an assembler at Rawlling. I have no contact with computers. Because of this I have little knowledge about the databases applications that are used, except for what I have picked up over the years. I do know that Rawlling uses Microsoft in any and all applications. Rawlling is also negligent when it comes to updating software in some of the computers.

Rawlling has state of the art technology when it comes to software, equipment and machines to help run production at a higher rate of speed. When it comes to technology in areas of accounting, and information then they lack the readiness to stay with the times. Because of this some work areas may have two computers that are side by side. The manager can be seen working with one computer and then stepping over to the other computer. This process may take a manager numerous times before he is able to complete the task that is needed.

The purpose of two computers is to access different databases at the same time. An example of why someone would want to do this is during the time of production when the models of cars that are being built are being changed. During this time management may need to view the layout of the models that are approaching to make sure that they have the parts at the workstations that are needed for each model. These leaders need to view the parts that each station has on hand. The second computer is needed to be able to send messages to the parts department to order any part that is needed to build the models of automobiles that are approaching.
Another problem that I have seen is the time that it takes management to gather information. It seems that it takes a long time to retrieve information when switching between databases. Some of this may be due to the computer itself but I am sure that some of this time that is wasted is due to the fact that different databases are being used and because of the system that is used to handle the retrieval is slow.

The problem with this is that there is one person that has a need for two computers because he or she cannot access two different databases at the same time. The leader needs to go back and forth between the computers with learning what they need from one computer and then using another to order what is needed.

With the application software that is available I would propose improvements for the Assembly Department. Instead of the old slow outdated application database that is currently in place I would recommend that Rawlling invest in a distributed database that can handle the Internet, as well as the intranets. Doing this would help the end user, Rawlling to access information at a higher rate of speed and be more efficient in doing so. Doing this Rawlling’s management would not lose so much time trying to get information that is critical for production because they are switching between the databases trying to get information and then placing orders as a result of that information. They would also not need to keep and maintain so many computers in the work areas.

Should Rawlling invest in a databases application that is equipped with multi-task applications then information will be at hand. An example of this would be when a manager who wants to view production and determine if the parts that are needed are at the workstations. After a manager views this information and makes the decision that parts need to be ordered then it would be best for the manager to place this order on the same computer at the same time when he sees that parts are needed. It seems like a waste of time and effort to move back and forth between computers.

In conclusion it would be best for Rawlling to update to a distributed database application system so information between the end user, intranets and the Internet is easily accessible. They lose time and money because they negligent to change and update their system. Managers lose time by waiting on information instead of spending this time taking care of the business.

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