Sunday, January 18, 2009


"Night" is the descriptive story of the life of a young boy in a concentration camp. Now I have read “Night” by Elie Wiesel, I get a whole new different view about Holocaust. I had learned about this issue before, but I did not realize how bloodcurdling was the experience they lived.
This novel opens my eyes to a different concept for human nature. It shows the dark side humans may had during the Holocaust. It’s so gloomy how Germans could make all this happened against innocent people. It is cruel how Jews were tortured physically and psychologically, without having done anything but being themselves and having their own beliefs.

Actually, I think Holocaust, particularly “Night”, shows to the reader the dark side of human beings in the way Nazis and their collaborators just violated Jews’ human rights.

Terrible experiences such as “Holocaust” may have an effect on someone’s life. As Elie Wiesel there are millions of Jews that are still having on mind all what they lived through. This issue could affect someone for the rest of his or her life. Just like Wiesel had the sadness experience of being witness of his father’s death, many Jews experienced different events that may had effects today in their lives. If I’ve lived the holocaust I would still have in my memory the whole traumatic things Germans did. And I think Jews do. They must probably think different, feel different about life and realize how precious it is, even the soon physical side effects they had first.

However, I think experiencing the Holocaust was psychologically as physically difficult. It is amazing and scaring, at the same time, how people in concentration camps, in some better conditions, lived with so few foods in a day (500 Kcal). Most of them just ate 2 times a day, after working day. They were bad looking; they seemed as old being young people just because the inhuman conditions they were living in. But they have psychological difficulties, too. Many of them were witness of love beings’ death and this is something that a person may not forget for the rest of his or her life.

About Night, something that really made me upset was how Elie Wiesel was eyewitness of his father’s death. The point here, is no the death, it is how Elie saw his father’s death being killed by the Nazis. The worst here is how a young boy could deal with his feelings and go on in life.

Also, I can’t forget about each describing event on the book, within it is showed all the harmful actions against Jews.

Finally, I think an issue like the Holocaust should not happen again, after knowing all the consequences of World War II. However, if human race do not stop and think about what really happen, it may happen again.

We still have discriminative actions toward people that seem different to us. We still have the idea of different religion, race, sex, culture, nationality, social background but we’re all humans; that’s what is important.

We must start to make those people, who still have the same ideas, to think, to learn about the past and what did it bring within. We have to make them not to be in the same mistake anymore. Holocaust and the World War II was the reason of innumerable murders and deaths. These as many others issues in history are the main teachers of our reality and our future actions.

In conclusion, “Night” by Elie Wiesel was more than read a Jew’s experience, it was an experience for me. It was a journal to this boy’s life and to the life of all holocaust Jews. “Night” is what Elie Wiesel may felt during his life in the camp: A long everlasting night.

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