Sunday, February 15, 2009

Technology and Its Effects on Business

Most people when they hear this term think of space exploration and ‘hover cars’, but what people fail to do is consider the most basic types of technology that have shaped our past, present and future. Things like electricity, and the creation of jobs as a bi-product from electricity were the very basis for the way we live today.

Business is one of the main consumers of technology, due to the fact that the laziness of humans. Most humans will look for the easiest, and quickest way to complete a task. The one thing that people don’t realize is that technology isn’t always the solution for every problem; people try to fix a problem by creating something new to replace the problem; but this causes more problems. People must adapt to the new technology whether they like it or not, “The assimilation of a new technology and technological environment creates a new type of human existence”.

The creation of typewriters may have been the starting point for one of this days most common, and useful pieces of business equipment… Computers. Without computers you wouldn’t have the Internet, without typewriters you wouldn’t have computers, and this must also be considered… ‘Without the laziness of the human race, you wouldn’t have typewriters’. The Internet is today’s central source of information, but is also a source of technology in itself. The Internet is used by businesses for a number of reasons, namely it is used as type of communication, and a resource with all types of information. Without the Internet, video-conferencing and the like would not be possible, and the amount of time needed to share files would be greatly increased. Email is another bi-product of the Internet, and is the most commonly used source of communication besides the telephone. Without the telephone, the Internet would not have been available nearly as early as it has been. With the introduction of telephones, a whole new way of thinking, and working, was established. People could now instantaneously come into verbal contact with anyone possessing a phone. Later on with the invention of mobile phones, another era was established, as was another new way of thinking. People could now speak to anyone anytime with their mobile phones. At this moment, mobile phone technology is taking a giant leap forward with the introduction of WAP, colored screens, and phones equipped with cameras and wireless technology. Video Cameras and Televisions also play a large part in business technology.

Video Cameras and Televisions have allowed people to have access to new types of multimedia, and provide more exciting ways to present information. Without Video Camera or Televisions, Video-conferencing and the Daily News couldn’t be viewed. Of course none of this would be in the working order that it is now without the appropriate software to support the desired result. Without the software, Video Cameras and Television are useless.

Software is the base on which we build our computer skills. Without common operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux, computers could only be used by those gifted with a high analytical capacity. Software not only makes using computers easier, but it also allows the computers themselves to be able to produce more different processes and procedures. There is one factor that has only been considered important until recently… Ergonomics.

People fail to realize that with a little more planning, they can improve their workplace, and make their work more safe, efficient and productive. With correct ergonomics taken into account, employers can make their employees a lot more comfortable, thus increasing the profit they can make off them. This is used in business all the time. Some examples of correct ergonomics being suggested in the business area are things like employees being given ergonomic chairs, and having air-conditioned offices. Air-conditioners are another good example of technology in business. Without air-conditioners, workers would need to have a larger working space with lots of fans. This can be quite expensive, and the cheap alternative in air-conditioning.

In conclusion, it can be seen that technology shapes the way that businesses operate. Each and every day, new software comes out that needs to be downloaded in order to keep up with the pack. With this new software come new techniques that are needed for the workers to use this tool efficiently. Technology is a good thing, but as with all good things, there is a price. It seems that technology is used to make work easier, but in order for things to become easier, you must work harder. Though this report only shows a few aspects of technology in business, there are lots of other ways that technology is used, and needed. Technology may not seem like its worth the amount of work we put into it, but without it, we are doomed to lives that would never change. Change is needed, whether it is for the best, or for the worst.

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