Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Essays

From day to day writing essays on various topics is becoming more and more popular among students (who write essay papers assigned by their teachers and professors) and professors (who prefer assigning papers – as the most efficient way for checking students' knowledge - to oral tasks).

Essay writing is a quite easy academic process if students have good essay writing skills and profound knowledge in the discipline required. Nevertheless a lot of young people still face some essay problems in writing academic papers such as essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, book reports, speeches, book reviews and theses. The most of students who have got part-time jobs frequently suffer from lacking of time to compose their own essays and submit them on time. Essay writing strongly requires much time for visiting libraries, for making their own essay researches and for paying attention to essay assignment given by professor.

Plagiarizing essays has turned into a global education problem in our society. Why do some students plagiarize essays? The answer is obvious. They don’t want to spend their precious time on writing academic essays on their own. Unfortunately this approach pushes the students towards surfing the Internet in search of free essays. This category of students visit different essay databases with unlimited free access, various sample essay sites and essay example websites (provided by education related sources to help students with writing their own essay papers). The samples of essays and the examples of essays are available at no charge for students to relieve their academic life. Visiting the official site of university or college you can find a lot of useful information and tips as for essay writing. It doesn't mean that you should use these free essays, free sample essays and free essay examples as your own research. You suppose your professors and teachers won't be able to tell the sample essays (or example essays) downloaded from the Internet from original essays. You are mistaken. You know that each professor and teacher has special plagiarism detectors for checking students' essays for plagiarism level. All the plagiarism checkers (as, and are linked to all world online libraries, search engine servers and Internet resources. If you intend to download free essays from the Internet, be sure your essay paper will be detected as 100% plagiarized essay by one of these systems. Don't you know about plagiarism consequences? Warning: plagiarism can lead your academic career to expelling from school, high school, college or university!

What is a custom essay? Custom essay is an essay paper written by custom writing companies which employ professional academic writers. The academic writers who work for these custom writing agencies are on freelance basis. They take the most appropriate essay orders regarding an essay topic, discipline and citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian or Harvard). Custom essays (or customized essays) are written for money. Custom written essays are 100% plagiarism free essays. Well, if you want to order custom essay, you should pay some money for writing your essay. The price for a custom essay depends on many factors: deadline, quality, academic level (High School, College, University (Undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s or Ph.D.)) and type of service you need. You’d rather delegate your essay to highly qualified writers than download plagiarized free essays from the Internet. If you contact a professional custom essay writing company, you will surely get an authentic essay prepared strictly in accordance with your essay details and instructions. The custom essay writing services provided by specializing companies can find the most appropriate essay writer for your essay assignment. Of course it's impossible to find free essay writing, plagiarized and properly formatted.

Having described two types of essays (free essays and custom essays) one should admit that custom essays are better than free essays. Custom essays are being prepared by professional writers who are experienced in the discipline you are majored in. Free essays can be easily detected as plagiarized essays by professors, instructors and teachers who have plagiarism detection systems in use. Undoubtedly it’s up to you which way you should choose: free essays or custom essays. But bear in your mind the plagiarism consequences that can spoil your academic career and student life.

There are plenty of subjects: Medicine, Law, Nursing, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, English, Education, Business, Literature, Marketing, History, Management, Economics, Communications, Technology, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Anthropology etc.

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