Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Report Tips

Actually you may sigh when your professor assigns a book report paper to you, but writing about the works of others is one of the best academic methods to make your literary outlook wider. With the useful book report writing tips that follow and your personal imagination and creativity, you can get the highest grade for your book report project.

The main part of book reports follow a similar format, but your professor perhaps will outline what he or she expects from your paper. You should follow the next instructions to write a good book report project. All these book reports tips will help you a lot to prepare an excellent book report project.

For additional ideas and inspirations, feel free to try the The Lakewood Public Library's useful student book report writing guide. It completely covers everything from choosing a book to writing your final draft of your book report paper.

The Standard Format
Book Report Introductory Paragraph:
This paragraph should comprise the the book title and the author's name. It will also describe the setting and fastly summarize what the book is about. Bear in mind, avoid details in this paragraph. It's just the introduction of your book report paper.

Book Report Body Paragraphs:
As a matter of fact this is where the real content enters the picture. By reading this part of your book report (3 to 4 paragraphs), your professor will be able to define whether you read the book and comprened the story.

The best start for you is to describe the main characters of the story. Then tags describing a conflict. Common conflicts comprise man versus man, man versus nature and man versus himself. The book of yours can present a different kind of conflict. Don't forget to depict it in all details.

The remaining body paragraphs should sum up the plot and describe how it refers to the conflict. Start with the rising action, the part of the story where events build. After then you have to describe the climax, where the story gets its most dramatic or interesting point. The 3-rd paragraph should describe the falling action, when the conflict or problem is resolved.

The Book Report Conclusion:
This is a suitable place to state your personal opinion of the book. Whhat is opinion about it? Describe the weakest and strongest issues. Ask yourself if you could suggest it to others. Remember the following, a winning paper will use examples (samples) from the book to back up comments.

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