Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Write a Thesis Proposal

Academic thesis proposal is a document presenting a general overview of your work, it is generally done as a written report and presented on a seminar. Then a post-graduate committee is to analyze your report and to give its impersonal and objective judgment. We have collected some essential tips on how to write a good thesis proposal.

When you have been asked to turn in a thesis proposal you have to clearly comprehend that its aim is to persuade your audience that:
  1. your thesis paper research is essential and significant;
  2. it makes authentic contribution to the science field;
  3. your research has correspondance with your knowledge and interest;
  4. it can be finished within the time requested.
Note that there exists some difference between a Doctorate and Master's thesis paper proposals. It is rooted in the complexity and lenght of the research. PhD thesis proposal ought to contain some fresh and actual ideas.

In both cases writing a thesis proposal has much significance for the author: it clarifies the thesis paper's goals and aims, determines the perspectives, describes the unique methods to be used, predicts problems and ways of solving them as well as outcomes.

An excellent thesis proposal should have the next structure:
  • thesis abstract – it consists of several paragraphs which present a winning resume of the proposal;
  • thesis introduction – it involves the reader in reading your proposals and sets the framework for your proposed projects;
  • thesis theoretical issues – a statement of the theoretical problem under consideration;
  • thesis literature review – a brief but exact description of the sources for your research, outlining their significance for the work;
  • thesis key questions – the main questions of your research with answers that are not obvious;
  • thesis methodology – a sufficient description of the methods you are going to apply to the paper with the purpose of answering the key questions;
  • thesis conclusions and implications of research – explain the results expected, your work's achievements' contribution to the field, the methods you have chosen to use in order to ensure the validity and accuracy of the results;
  • thesis proposal summary – it is a restatement and specification of your goals;
  • thesis bibliography – do it in the same style your research work is going to be done.

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