Thursday, May 14, 2009

Business Services

According to the book, business which provides services to its customers account to almost half of the American economy. Those who cannot find jobs in the manufacturing sector may find a job in the service sector. What is the service sector? The service sectors are businesses that provide service in forms of intangible products. Examples of those are professional services (legal, accounting, management, engineering), recreation services (bowling alleys, golf courses, amusement parks), education (universities, libraries) and others.

Changes in the demography of the country and the consistent increase of population will have considerable impact on the service sector. Demand for business services will surely rise. We have a culturally diverse economy and the trends shows that minority groups will increase in number as time goes by. Services which cater to specific minority groups will definitely have a chance at success.

On a local scale, Contra Costa’s service sector is growing and more jobs are being created. According to the CA Employment Development Department (Industry Trends and Outlook 1999-2006), the service sector is the fastest and the largest growing industry in Contra Costa. Growth rates of 26% will have a significant impact on creating new jobs and will drive the local economy. Among those industries, computer-related companies will be the fastest growing (hi-tech companies from Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties has been moving to Contra Costa because of lower rents, new housing and a highly educated labor force),second will be employment agencies, next will be the security-related businesses. Health, construction, advertising, building maintenance, equipment rental, and credit and collection agencies will increase overall.

Five service businesses I chose:
1. Prudential Real Estate Offices in Contra Costa – Mortgage rates are its lowest in a number of decades and is a major factor in driving the demand for housing in the county. It means good business for real estate companies. They also provide mortgage service to its home buyers so that’s hitting two birds with one stone. They are also using the internet to complement their service. Home buyers will find it easier to browse homes through Prudential’s website; they can sort it out by price range, square feet, no. of rooms, etc. For job-hunters, they offer a free training incentive for those who are interested in being a real estate agent or broker, and they are helping to create jobs. Real estate prices in the county are high compared to other areas, demand for homes is still rising. As two-income families are on the rise, these homes will be more affordable to them. It is very difficult for a one –income family to afford a house here in the Bay Area.

2. Sunrise Assisted Living – As the aging population grows, services that provide health care assistance to the elderly will surely be in demand. Sunrise Assisted Living offers different choices to its customers. They offer assisted independent living communities which provide senior citizens with their own apartments, social and cultural activities, exercise programs, housekeeping, a 24-hour medical alert, activity center, etc. They also offer assisted living to persons who cannot live on their own. Nursing care will be provided and regular health check-ups will be performed. This business will thrive as to meet the demands of the maturing population.

3. Day Care Facilities – Nowadays, both parents can be working. Who is going to take care of their kids? Enter the business of day-care. Although some companies are offering day-care programs to working parents, not all of them do. Day-care facilities will continue to gain in popularity due to the increasing numbers of two-income families. According to the Contra Costa Times “In addition to reducing juvenile delinquency rates, Contra Costa's licensed child care centers create more than 4,000 jobs, and allow the county's working parents to earn $525 million annually, the report states. Increase in productivity at work is a benefit. The children will receive supervision and training, like at kindergarten schools.

4. Computer Repair Shops – The information age has brought upon the popularity of the internet and personal computers. With the dramatic increase of personal computer ownership in households and businesses and the fast-paced development of hardware and software, computer owners may want to upgrade their hardware to utilize the newer programs. A faster computer will perform better and makes programs run faster. Crashes will be lessened because of advanced operating systems and memory. The dramatic price drop in computer components makes upgrading a cost-effective alternative than buying a new pc. The popularity of mp3 and digital picture files which takes up a lot of space in the hard drive will require bigger drives.

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