Monday, May 11, 2009

UAE and India

History has stood evidence of the evolution, ancient civilizations, conquests and victories leading to the present modern world. Each land mass is unique and distinguished with varying cultures and traditions making it a topic of interest for study and research. U.A.E. and India are two such Asian countries, which have left a mark on the world map. Both have an amazing amalgamation of traditional values of the East and the modern technologies of the West, being a melting pot of various cultures living to together and working in harmony. On the other hand they also have humongous differences on geographical, economical, political and religious backgrounds.

Firstly, the phenomenal difference would be geographically. India is a sub-continent with a total area of 3,287,590 sq. km. whereas that of U.A.E. is 83,600 sq. km. Further; U.A.E. has a population of 3 million while that of India is about a billion! The natural features of India include the mighty Himalayan mountain range, the great many fertile river plains, valleys, plateaus and desert whereas the U.A.E. is largely a desert region. Therefore, in India one enjoys different climatic conditions at the same time in different parts but bin the U.A.E. there is a uniform climate pattern in all the seven emirates through the year. Secondly, India with 28 states has been independent from foreign rule for 50 years now and is the world’s largest democracy with a constitution that makes India a secular state, tolerant of religions and faith. The U.A.E. formation took place 25 years ago making it a federation of seven Emirates and is ruled by Sheiks almost making it a Monarchy.

Furthermore, the standard of living in India is comparatively low with a per capita income of USD 2000.However, the U.A.E. enjoys a standard of living that is comparable to the world’s most advanced nations with a per capita income of USD 16,500!!The population below poverty line in India is 35% while that in U.A.E. is 0%!!!In addition, India’s economy encompasses traditional village farming; modern agriculture, handicrafts and a wild range of modern industries including a boom in export software services. While the UAE economy is largely dependent on the oil resources and of late a boom in trade.

Inspite of these huge differences there are a few factors that strike a common note. India a secular country has different ethnic and religious groups living in coexistence and enjoy the same rights and although the UAE is an Arab Islamic country you find people from all over the world converging here. Both countries have one of the most liberal societies and have always paid host to numerous cultures. More over, India and UAE have deep cultural roots and traditions. Family values and keeping up with age-old customs and traditions, something every Indian and Arab takes pride in. They strictly abide by their National dress and retain their identity. Our palates have similarities too. Rice, bread, meat are staple diet forms communal gatherings and festivities are part of their rich heritage.

To crystallize India and the UAE are two distinguished Asian Countries each having achieved world recognition in the fields of technology and commerce. They are both friendly nations and promote universal brotherhood with family values being the focal point of their existence. The common chord is the rich cultural heritage that is the pride and honour of the countries.

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