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Time Travel Research Paper

Time Travel has always struck close to people imagination from H.G Wells “The Time Machine“to a blockbuster like “Back to The Future”. Physicists approach the subject of Time Travel carefully for fear of ridicule, although it is a legitimate field of scientific endeavor. There have been many new advances in Physics that have opened the door to the possibility of Time Travel. This paper discusses the possibility of Time Travel research as well as the bringing credibility to it.

Time Travel Ridiculed
Many Physicists laugh at the idea of time travel saying it’s preposterous. Despite this there is a growing number of Physicists that have a revolutionary new way of looking at the problem of Time Travel, not ruling it out because of many of their professors labeling the field as a joke. Today’s Science-Fiction is tomorrows Science Fact, that’s how fast our knowledge of the universe is expanding many things that were thought as impossible before now are common knowledge. It is the urge for knowledge that helps humans overcome every problem and by automatically shutting out an idea because of their personal beliefs is not only unscientific it’s also against every value that humans set to be true.

Science fiction
Writers and Hollywood have in a way brought Time Travel to life, but at the same time they are also responsible for making it seem like a ridiculous idea as well. There have been numerous movies and books that have brought light to the possibility of time travel. The problem of the way time travel is perceived on TV is that humans are not meant to play around with those forces. There are numerous moral and religious reasons that oppose the idea of time travel: you are in a way playing god, the damage that could possibly be cause by cruel intentions of people, and the unknown results of what could happen if you interfered with events in the past to name just a few. A lot of the movies about Time Travel though light a fire of desire in humans to want to conquer the unreachable.

Einstein’s Beliefs
One of this century greatest minds is responsible for giving us so much, has also given us much of the new technology now possible because of his work. Einstein’s theories of gravity and of relativity shook the foundation and literally removed the ground underneath Physics, and set up a new and more firm one from which to start anew. Scientist closely looking at Einstein’s new theories saw new possibilities by knowing that object with a huge amount of mass actually bent space and intern time. Because as Einstein discovered that space and time were interconnected he called the idea space-time. Putting the idea that is space-time could be manipulated like the way a star does then intern time itself is being Manipulated. These ideas soon came to Einstein’s attention, and he quickly criticized such beliefs as ridiculous. Little did Einstein know just how much he had opened the gate for an enormous amount of new ideas. His theories also gave birth to Quantum physics which is ruled by the uncertainty principle. The uncertainty principal paints the world in mystery and paints a picture of the universe that is obscure and uncertain; this disgusted Einstein for which he responded by saying “god does not play dice with the world” he saw the universe as one of order not one full of chaos. Einstein being one of the fathers of the factual Idea of Time Travel was also one of its biggest critics. This in a sense killed the idea for a while, for how could Einstein be mistaken.

Moral Problems
Mention the idea of Time Travel and the fist thing to pop in peoples head it that it impossible. The main reason for that is God would not allow it. Time Travel has been seen as something that in a way is evil for that fact that people think that only god himself can look in the future and the past can never be changed because it is gods will, Our own conviction for religion is also our downfall because many people are not willing to put their religious thought aside and thing of the possible betterment to the human species by the advent of time travel. How easy it would be for us to remove a dictator or a mass murderer from being born and in turn save many innocent lives. Many critics have come up with the answer that it was gods will for that to happen and they come to accept that outcome. How can humans after coming so far just accept it was gods will as a legitimate answer?

Brought Back From The Ashes
In the recent years there have been many new exciting discoveries, as well as new theories that have brought the field of Time Travel back from the ashes, where it once laid. Now you ask most Physicist about time travel and most will answer it’s possible, but improbable. Well, let’s get into what exactly what notion brought Time Travel back from the ashes.

New Discoveries
Against Einstein’s own instinct and beliefs one of the ideas brought forward by Einstein’s theory of gravity is that if you put a massive enough object in space it would bend space so much that it could even create a tear in space-time, this is known as a black hole. When Einstein heard of this idea he renounced it saying again something in nature would keep that amount of mass from being in the same place. We now know that when a star dies if it has a given amount of mass to begin with, as it begins to die, gravity will do its job squeezing the star tighter and tighter making it more massive and more massive till it forms a black hole. We have found these phenomena which many people thought to be impossible to exist in nature [1]. We cannot see them directly but in a way we can see the way other thing around it reacts because of their presence. The idea of space being able to be warped is where the idea of Time Travel becomes possible.

Public Interest
Public interest in the subject of Time Travel has increased a lot, since seeing the benefits in it. How many people would like to have their loved ones returned due to crime prevention information provided by knowing what’s going on in the future. This will surely be a very welcomed use for Time Travel. Even with all the good things that would come from the prospect of Time Travel there also come the concerns of misuse. What could keep a person from getting future information and using it to make a fortune and possibly putting himself in position of power, or from killing someone with information learned from the future? As with everything else in life there are always risks that come along, as well as benefits, but what the public must do is weight the pros and cons.

Science Behind Time Travel
People hear Science behind Time Travel and automatically think I’m not a rocket scientist, “I can’t understand that.” The Science behind that is actually quite simple to understand. The laws behind Time Travel themselves can be understood by a ten year old.

Laws of Physics
The most famous of all equations E=mc^2 is one of the equations being used against the idea of faster than light travel, which is needed in order to travel forward in time. Let me explain something, the closer you get to the speed of light the slower time moves for you in comparison to someone that is not moving at all. So if one was to move at the speed of light or even faster one would in fact be going forward in time how far ahead depends on how much faster you go over the speed of light. The problem with Einstein’s theory of relativity is that one cannot travel at the speed of light, due to the fact that the faster you go the more energy you need and the closer you get to the speed of light the more massive you get and in turn you need more energy until the amount of energy and your mass itself becomes infinite. As we all know there is no known source of infinite energy so in actuality it is impossible to travel faster than light conventionally. This is where the human ingenuity comes in as we discussed space is curved and bent by gravity (figure1). So if we were to manipulate gravity to an extent that we can bend space to our advantage then faster than light travel is possible. Let me explain, speed is a measurement of distance over time. This simple measurement is the key to faster than light travel. So you are traveling from point (A) to point (B) you take the distance from point (A) to point (B) 100,000 miles and it takes you 10 hours to travel that distance well your speed is 10,000 mph. So what does this have to do with the fact that gravity bends space well what would happen if you took that distance and bent the space between them you could in fact then take a shortcut between the two point (figure2). The way that works is you are in fact still traveling the same distance but since you are taking a shortcut then you will take less time to get to your destination . So if you travel a distance 200,000 miles and traveled them in a second then you are in fact traveling at a speed of 200,000 mps which is faster than light, your speed then would be determined by the amount you bend space around you . There is also a thought that there are rear anomalies in space called worm hole which are two black holes in two separate points in space that are interconnected (figure3). Therefore allowing travel to another region of space instantaneously and in that manner you have virtually gone back in time to another region of space. NASA has done several experiments with clocks on earth and one on the space shuttle going to space upon the return of the shuttle the clocks were slightly off. Were you to speed up the shuttle to the speed of light the difference in the two clocks would grow to be enormous, showing that time does slow down the closer you get to the speed of light[2].

Physicist Thoughts
Many Physicist look at these ideas as ones that are feasible and will be achievable within a reasonable amount of time given the time and money to develop the ideas. But there are more things keeping these ideas from surfacing, mainly the fear of ridicule for those seriously pursuing these problems. Even now in the 21st century there is in a sense a witch hunt for physicist researching these types of subjects and they are labeled as fools. Weren’t Galileo, Newton, and even Einstein seen the same way when they first introduced their ideas to the world? Physicist now should open their eyes to all possibilities, because from these men will rise the next Einstein or Hawkings, two of the worlds brightest minds. Like all ideas in the past any new idea will face ridicule and even dismissal from having any scientific ground but it is important to still pursue these problems and not let them die.

With the information that is provided in this research paper I hope that I have at least peaked your interest and I hope you would agree that Time Travel in fact does have some scientific merit and is not just some childhood dream. I know that you will agree with me when I say that this subject burns in the minds of all Americans, as well as bring fear into the idea. There are many problems still with the idea of Time Travel, but in the future I believe that these problems will be solved and we will have to ask ourselves the question if we believe we should developed this technology to the betterment of man kind. I hope that in the near future Time Travel will become an accepted field in the eyes of all physicists.

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