Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Write a Good Book Report

A lot of students often feel helpless who don't know how to write a book report, how to do a good book report and how to prepare a great book report assigned by their professors and teachers.

Writing a book report takes a lot of time. In order to write an excellent book report – you have to read the book, or at least the cliff notes or something like that. Not everybody has time or ability to read a book, to write a book report.

When writing a book report – you have to seize the whole book, and point out the things that your professor, instructor or tutor wants you to point out. This can’t be easy, especially with all the pressure put upon you, when writing a book report.

Writing a book report outline can ease your pain. A book report outline is your key to success. By writing an outline – you save yourself some time for structuring your thoughts, ideas, and chapters. You use your outline in writing your book report and for oral speeches as well. You won’t be able to make a good book report without a proper outline.

Another interesting tip on how to make a good book report is to consider your professors’ needs and wants. When he gives out an assignment – he is counting on some thoughts of yours to be incorporated in the paper. Don’t forget about those thoughts and try to stress them in your paper. When your professor starts reading the paper and sees the thoughts he want to see – he’ll forget about everything else, and give you the highest grade, as you show that you are thinking the same way your professor is thinking.

Another important aspect of writing a book report – is writing it according to all the requirements of your professor. The instructions are way too important, so never ignore them, and think that it will pass the way I want to do it.

Never forget to proofread your paper, as it is important part of the image of your book report paper. If your professor sees, that your paper is sloppy and not proofread – he will think you did not spend enough time for the paper, hence you are not interested in his classes – which may lead to a lower grade. Always dedicate enough time for the book report. Never be lazy, as laziness is easily traceable. And let me assure you that if you do everything right – your professor will put the highest possible grade and praise you.

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