Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Write a Good Book Review

How to write a good book review paper? - a lot of students ask themselves before preparing academic book reviews assigned by professors and teachers in college or university.

All of us have hard and somewhat impossible assignments such as writing a book review. And we all would like to write a good book review. No one knows a recipe how to prepare a good book review, all we have is tips that can help you try and write a good book review. A book review is something you write about the book, which you have read. A good book review has to be your thoughts, impressions and impressions on the book that you have read.

Planning is the main part of writing a good book review. When starting to write a good book review – the first thing you have to do – is read the book, and while reading – write your thoughts and every chapter, and sometimes even on every sentence. After you have gathered all your thoughts – you can sit down and start structuring them. The important part is to write your thoughts down as soon as it comes up to your mind, this way you will have the most detailed thoughts and ideas, which are expected from you when you are asked to write a good book review.

The first thing you should write, when writing a book review is a draft. A lazy student starts to write the final version of his book review, but smart students write the first draft which will 100% not be the final draft. He is trying to organize the thoughts, which are written down on a piece of paper. He tries to group all these thoughts and still have a logical structure.

Analyzing and criticizing your book review is very essential. After the first draft is written – all you have to do is take some rest for about 15 minutes, and afterwards – sit down and look on your first draft as it was someone else's paper. You have to read it carefully and analyze what you like and what you dislike in this paper. That way – you will have a detailed list of pros and cons, of what your book review essay looks like, and you'll know how to write the final draft.

Final draft is what you get. After you've done all this – you are ready to write your final draft. Never negate what you've written previously. Always think what you are writing, and make it sure that it sounds profound and exact.

Never forget to proofread your book review paper. Proofreading is the last stage of your book review writing process. Never forget to do it, as this shows your interest in the class and your hard working as well.

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